Fine Flakes

Fine Flakes Features

  1. Aesthetic and durable. Long-life protection.
  2. Homogeneous coat.Can take on any shape.
  3. Needs only a single coat for even multi-colour combinations.
  4. Washable. Weather,abrasion and fire resistant.
  5. Fungus and fade resistant
  6. Hides and withstands hairline cracks
  7. Easy to apply.
  8. Can be applied on all absorbent surfaces.
  9. Forms a smooth and even surface.
  10. An additional top coat,available in both glossy and matt finishes, is recommended for high traffic areaapplications like lifts,lobbies,corridors,etc.
  11. Dries to a very hard finish which can be sanded if required

The dry flakes are mixed with bonding agent with recommended quantity of water. The dough is then trowelled onto the substrate to be coated to get an average dry film in the range of 0.8-1.2 mm.

Fine  Heritage Flakes are suitable for interior applications. They offer the unique option of mono or multicolor shades in a single coat.